Knowledge and respect for the earth.

The estate has been developed around an old farm called “Pian di Conte”, not far from Sant’Angelo in Colle, on the southern slope of the municipality of Montalcino, which has been restructured and expanded over the years.

The property occupies an area of 40 hectares, among vineyards, olive groves, orchards and seed crops, surrounded by age-old holm-oak woods, characteristic of the Montalcino area.

We cultivate and tend our land with respect for tradition, harvesting the grapes and olives by hand. The vineyards are divided into eleven different plots, each with different altitude, exposure and soil composition, creating red wines that are incredibly complex and profound. We have always had a passion for the cultivation of olives which are a very traditional element within the Tuscan landscape. We grow the Correggiolo and Moraiolo varieties, from which a bright green and intensely scented oil is extracted.